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Do I Qualify for an Ironwood Rental?

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In order to welcome you and your family in an Ironwood community, we need to first verify your financial information. All of our units carry income caps, meaning you cannot exceed a particular annual income. The levels vary based on the size of your family and the Ironwood property in question. For detailed information, please contact our leasing office.

Exploring Eligibility Requirements

Understanding Income Limits

Your income must not exceed a set limit to take residency in an Ironwood property. These limits are in place to help ensure affordable housing options are available to low income families of all sizes. The number of people in your household determines the maximum income level for our various properties.

Section 8 Vouchers

We happily accept Section 8 vouchers from all of our tenants, provided certain requirements are met. Before we can accept your vouchers, we'll need to perform a criminal background and credit check. Additional information can be obtained by contacting our leasing offices.

Ongoing Eligibility

After determining your initial eligibility to rent an Ironwood property, you'll have the right to remain in the home as long as you please. Your eligibility will not change in the future, even if your income should increase.

Frequently Asked Questions Tumon

Am I eligible for a unit at Ironwood Heights?
All of our residents are subject to income limits, which helps ensure rentals are allocated to families in need. You must not exceed the following limits to be considered for a unit at Ironwood Heights:
Family Size Limits
  • 1 Person: $25,800
  • 2 Person: $29,520
  • 3 Person: $33,180
  • 4 Person: $36,840
  • 5 Person: $39,840
  • 6 Person: $42,780
Other restrictions may also apply. Please contact our leasing office for more information: 633-4347/8.
Do you accept Section 8 vouchers?
Yes, we happily accept Section 8 vouchers. Some restrictions may apply.
Will a rise in my income affect my eligibility?
Your income will be verified at the time you apply to live at Ironwood Heights. Should your income rise at a later date, you will still be eligible to live in your home.
Are Ironwood Heights units rent-to-own?
No, Ironwood Heights units are rentals that are not available for purchase at this time.
Will I be screened as an applicant for an Ironwood Heights home?

We screen all new residents to protect the safety of our community. If your application is accepted, we will need to see your valid government I.D., as well as police and court clearance before you can move in.

Are pets allowed in Ironwood Heights units?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept pets in our rental units, as a precaution and safety measure for all guests.
How much will I pay for trash collection and landscaping?
Lawn care and trash collection are amenities included with your rental, meaning you won't pay any additional fees. We also have established partnerships with with many local businesses to offer our residents cost savings at gas stations, Blas Insurance, and Marianas Cable Vision.
Are parties permitted at Ironwood Heights?

Unfortunately, due to the limited parking space and small size of our community, we are unable to allow parties at Ironwood Heights at this time. We of course encourage our residents to spend time with one another by getting involved at our community center.

Frequently Asked Questions Dededo

Am I eligible to rent an Ironwood home?

In order to be considered for an Ironwood property, your household's annual income must fall under the established limits. These limits help ensure available rentals are allocated to families with the greatest need.

Family Size Limits

  • 2 Person: $32,040
  • 3 Person: $36,060
  • 4 Person: $40,020
  • 5 Person: $43,260
  • 6 Person: $46,440
  • 7 Person: $49,680
  • 8 Person: $52,860

Additional restrictions may apply in certain circumstances. Learn more about income limits by phoning our leasing office: 633-4347/8.

Can I pay my rent with a Section 8 voucher?
We accept Section 8 vouchers for our rental units, pending a credit and background check.
If my income changes, will I remain eligible for a home at Ironwood?
Your eligibility for your home will not change should you receive an income increase in the future. We use your current income level to determine eligibility at the time of your application.
Are Ironwood homes rent-to-own properties?
No, Ironwood homes are not available for purchase.
Will you screen my application?
Before we accept a new family at Ironwood, we need to verify your information with a valid government I.D. You also must submit a police and court clearance. These measures help protect the other members of our community.
Am I allowed to keep a pet in my home?
We are unfortunately unable to welcome pets in Ironwood homes, as a safety measure for all of our residents.
What am I charged for trash collection and lawn care?
Living in an Ironwood home comes with a number of unique benefits, including complimentary trash collection and landscaping. We also offer our residents additional cost savings at gas stations, Blas Insurance, and Marianas Cable Vision.
Can I host guests in my home?
We are happy to permit visitors in the homes of our tenants, as we understand parties and BBQs form an integral part of the local culture. If you choose to host a gathering in your home or at the community center, please be advised that you are responsible for both the behavior of your guests, as well as clean up following the event.

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We take pride in offering a rental experience unlike any other on the island of Guam. Our sensational properties feature a number of modern amenities, including new appliances and typhoon shutters for protection. Our homes are arranged with an open layout, perfect for families of all sizes to enjoy together.

Of course, Ironwood properties are built with community in mind. We conduct comprehensive criminal background checks on all residents to keep our tenants safe and secure. From our Ironwood Kids program to our incredible community centers, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Ironwood.

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